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You are buying: UK MSVA inspection test acceptance booking. Our fee is 64


Book your MVA test through our easy process. For left hand drive vehicles entering the UK and personal car imports. For pre-registration with the UK DVLA:

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2 Get your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number; also known as chassis or frame number) ready.
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MSVA test = Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval. If you are importing a Motorcycle, Quad or Tricycle to the UK an MSVA is required to ensure it meets conformity for use on UK roads. This is for all vehicles of this type that are less than ten years old and do not have a European Type Approval. The MSVA is an easy test to pass but the booking system is tedious and over-complicated.  The actual test costs 90 - 99 (test fee is billed by the UK DVSA at the test centre in advance of). Our booking fee includes help, support and advice and getting you and your vehicle accepted on to the test.






Have you NO TIME FOR FORMS? Is a form driving you mad? Leave it to us. We'll research, fill in and check your forms so you don't have to. The more complicated the form, the better for us...NOVA1 forms (vehicle imports), DVLA forms, passport and VISA forms; Tax, VAT and Construction Industry forms.



VRS Creative Space, 58 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1HJ   |   0117 902 8656   |   07795 423598